EX4-TO-MQ4 decompiler

The existing providers endure terrific losses.

Remedy methods.

There is an viewpoint that a excellent MQL programmer can create system in a way that would make it out of the question to decompile. For example, by utilizing licensing program. Properly, alas this is not the circumstance. The method can not be guarded by implies of MQL only.

Permit us see several systems of guarding revenue techniques. We will examine them and uncover out their pros and cons.

1. Pure MQL

As we have currently mentioned, this system does not offer protection due to the fact an EX4 file can be simply decompiled. Nonetheless, along with the cons, MQL programming has its pros which will be examined in comparison with the other techniques.

Pros: uncomplicated structured language that is comprehensible by traders and not only by experts. Lowest price tag stage as in contrast to other techniques.

Cons: very easily decompiled.

Specific capabilities: relevant for personalized use or for refinement of the techniques logic.

2. DLL

MQL language has a extremely helpful distinctive aspect. It permits the systems to link with the libraries (DLL) composed in other programming languages. First of all, it primarily expands the options and secondly, it makes it possible for relocating MQL logic into the library which can make decompiling of an EX4 file ineffective.

DLL can also be decompiled even so it is by no means uncomplicated and usually requires specific knowledge. When decompiled, the DLL code is translated into the Assembler (ASM) machine language. This method is named disassembly. Fork out level of ASM specialists is quite higher, thereby such bills are unreasonable for hacking most jobs.

Furthermore, a task consists of two sections minimal: MQL+DLL, which would make the hacking position even additional difficult, given that it calls for teamwork of two specialists.

Pros: fairly a substantial safety stage, unrestricted ability to expand choices of the MQL language.

Cons: greater enhancement price tag as in contrast to an MQL project. Library set up expected.

Exceptional features: relevant for jobs of regular price and attractiveness.

3. On the internet Website

This approach implies shifting of the trade logic to Net server. The user’s laptop or computer will have executive interface only, without the conclusion-doing module.

MQL, DLL and World wide web are used in this architecture. MQL generates a request, DLL sends it to Web site server, and the server generates and sends a reply that gets into MQL as a result of DLL. MQL manages the orders primarily based on the reply.

There are easier variants, when MQL only listens to / monitors the replies from Internet server.

Pros: The greatest safety. Risk of remote updates. Chance of remote manage about accessibility to the challenge.

Cons: Delays can occur in the course of info synchronization. Higher growth expense.

Unique options: Applicable for major or popular projects.


The comparison was designed by professionals of AirBionicFX provider. Explanation of the final results and comparison requirements are presented under each diagram.

By protection stage

Minimum is , Greatest is ten. The much more, the improved.

MQL – one
DLL – 6
Web site – nine

MQL has minimal protection towards hacking, but 1 position is scored taking into consideration that it is not every consumer who is aware of about decompiling and not everyone recognizing it would be ready to use this system.

ex4 to mq4


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